X-Ray Viewer Box

Features of X-Ray Viewer Box
• Makes use of light-emitting diode (LED) light source with stable performance and long life
• Sufficient brightness (5000cd/m2) for observing radiographic films
• Has a range of non-level brightness adjustment
• Automatic identify film width and location, and light corresponding areas Film Plug
Leung, delay turn off functions, and energy saving
• No brightness dark corner and illumination influenced by the temperature, and quick
• Concise and bright appearance design
• Use optical acrylic material as observation screen, and persistent unchanged yellow
• Environmental protection and energy saving, do not contain any mercury



X-Ray View Box

An x-Ray View Box is a device that uses a visible light lamp covered by a translucent surface for use in the observation of medical radiographs including but not limited to x-ray images.

X-Ray Viewer Box Price in Kenya

The price of an X-Ray View Box in Kenya is Ksh. 15,000. You can order yours here at Medistus Limited or call +254728479055.

X-Ray Viewer Box price in Kenya

How an X- Ray Viewer Box Works

This equipment has an LED light source that produces some bright light. This light is then used to view radiographic films. When switched on it goes to full intensity as it does not require any warm up time.

It has universal screen which cover the LEDs and produce a uniform light configuration (uniformity). The uniformity is 90% better as compared to using a single light source which makes it easier for a medical practitioner to see all the details clearly and avoid making errors in diagnostics.

The radiographic film is attached on the front of the screen using some rubber clips which do not destroy the films. That is one of the importance of using this view box in radiography.

The details on the images can be seen clearly whether during the day or at night without depending on any other light source.  It has a viewing capacity of up to 4.5D.

One can also control the intensity of illumination on this device depending on the film being examined, ambient light, and visibility. It has shutters/ blinds which are used to control the viewing screen area aperture as well as control screen area.

This X-Ray Viewer Box has low temperatures on the screen as the LEDs do not dissipate a lot of heat.  Additionally, it has a cooling fan in case the device is to be used for a long time.

The material used to make the body is powder coated mild steel and thus strong and durable.

The LEDs save up to 80% in energy as compared to using the conventional high intensity metal halide/ halogen lights for viewing the films. An X-Ray Viewer Box power consumption of 80W to 100 W which is very reasonable.

X Ray View Box Uses

It is used by medical practitioners to check the details of a radio-graphic image as well as the contrast and brightness. It is a form of Negatoscope.

X Ray View Box for Sale

In Kenya, and East Africa, X-Ray Viewer Boxes are available at Medistus Limited based in Nairobi. You can order by adding to the cart above or call/Whatsapp +254728479055.  The price of X-Ray Viewer Box in Kenya is Ksh. 15,000.


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