Main Technical Configuration and Parameters

Component Model Quantity Remarks
Tube E7884X 1 unit
Collimator XSQ30 1 unit
High Voltage generator FSQ50 1 unit
Chest stand XPJ30 1 unit Optional
Radiography table SYC20 1 unit
Console KZT20 1 unit
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Item Content Technical Parameters
Power Voltage 380V±38V
Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Capacity ≥65kVA
Internal Resistance ≤0.17Ω
X-ray High Voltage


Power 50KW
Inverter Frequency 60 KHz
Tube voltage 40kV—150kV ,continuous adjustment
Tube current 10mA—630mA,

grade adjustment

mAs 0.2mAs—500mAs,

grade adjustment

X ray tube


Tube Focus:big/small 1.2mm /0.6mm
Input power Big focus 50kW Small focus 20kW
Anode thermal capacity 210KJ 300kHu
Rotary anode speed 2800rpm
SYC 20 Table Table size

Longitudinal Moving Travel

Bed lateral movement stroke

Bed height

Bed to film distance less than

The Longitudinal movement

Bearing Specification of cassette

Fixed filter

Longitudinal movement of tube column

Spherical column rotation range

2000 mm *760 mm

(> 900mm)

(> 220 mm)

below 700 mm

60 mm

(> 500mm)

8 x 10 ~14 x 17

The gate density is 103L/INCH, the ratio is 10:1, the convergence distance is 100cm.

Fixed 15 x 18

(> 1300mm)

+ 180~180 positioning at 90 intervals

Tube focus to film

Distance (SID)

Tube assembly rotates around the cross arm


The beam simulator lights on

Limited time

500-1280 mm

Range ≥±90°

Manual multi-leaf beam limiter

About 15 seconds.

Chest stand The vertical movement

Fixed grid

≥1300 mm

The gate density is 103L/INCH, the ratio is 10:1, and the convergence distance is 180 cm.

Fixed 15 x 18


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