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At Medistus Ltd, we partner with leading global innovators, developers and manufacturers of medical technology devices. This unique relationship brings with it the expertise, experience and support of respected global companies, and provides the highest level of clinical and technical application support. We are regionally recognized as distributors of medical equipment and devices for Intensive care unit, Diagnostic imaging, Laboratory and General medical equipment.

We are one of the leading suppliers of medical equipment in Kenya, East Africa, and beyond.

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Maintenance Services

Investment in hospital is capital intensive. We at Medistus Ltd believe that every organization should involve a sound maintenance culture after equipment purchase. Our cost effective package is structured to ensure that our clients get optimal performance satisfaction from their investment. The package is designed to reduce maintenance cost, continuous breakdown of system and to prove our ability to prolong the life span of your equipment.

There are three (3) basic package type of maintenance that could be agreed on. These are:

Comprehensive Maintenance: Covers both remedial and preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance: Routine servicing and checks on system

Remedial Maintenance: Fault rectification

Consultancy Services

Our experience in the industry has shown that most of the problems encountered after procurement and installation of equipment are as a result of lack of proper analysis and planning of client’s requirement. We have therefore, invested in the training and retraining of staff to be able to brace-up with the challenges of this new world of modern technology.

We are into rendering of consultancy services right from planning to the implementation stage, making sure that client’s get value for their money. We also provide quotes on medical equipment prices in Kenya. Today Medistus Ltd has carved out a niche for itself in the business of Medical Equipment Supplies. We combine certain strengths and advantages to offer quality and efficient services.

If you are looking for medical equipment suppliers in Nairobi, you will get high quality products at Medistus Limited.


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