Item Content Technical Parameter
Power Supply Voltage 220V / 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Capacity ≥40kVA
internal resistor ≤0.15Ω
Generator Power Output 32KW
Inverter Frequency 30 KHz
Photography Tube Voltage 40kV—150kV
Tube Current 10mA—320mA
Exposure time 1.0ms—6300ms
Controlled X-ray Tube Tube Focus 1.2mm /0.6mm (Large/Small Focus)
Input Power Large/ Small focus: 40kW/ 20kW
Thermal capacity 110KJ (155KHU)
Rotary anode speed 2800rpm
Radiography Table Table longitudinal movement ≥900mm
Table transverse movement ≥220mm
Pillar movement along table ≥1300mm
Detecting holder movement ≥500mm
Tube assembly up-down movement 500mm-1280mm
Collimator Manual Multi-leaf
Table use fixed grid Grid density: 103L/INCH

Grid ratio: 10:1

SID: 120cm

Stationary type: 15″×18″

Bucky Stand


Radio-graphic device movement along pillar ≥1300mm
Cassette SID 450- 1780mm
Fixed grid Grid density 103L/INCH

Grid ratio: 10:1

SID: 180cm

Size: 15″×18″


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  1. 220V low power supply, convenient installment
  2. The floating table with bucky stand can meet the photographic requirements of different standing and lying positions. The bed floating and electromagnetic lock design makes it convenient for the accurate position of the lying patient, operation is much more convenient and flexible.
  3. The leading domestic high power compact high frequency X-ray generator and high frequency power inverter makes the machine much more compact and more convenient without the extra high-voltage generator and cable.
  4. The application of the KV and MA digital closed-loop control technology and the real time control of the microprocessor ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the dose.
  5. The multiple automatic protection features and fault tips ensure safety during the operation process.
  6. It also can be made one kind of vehicle-mounted model. Mobile medical examination and emergency use!


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