On Call Plus Glucometer

The On Call® Plus Blood Glucometer offers accurate and reliable results in  10 seconds.

Feature Specification
Enzyme Glucose Oxidase
Measurement Range 20-600 mg/dL
Result Calibration Plasma-equivalent
Minimum Sample Size 1 µL
Test Time 10 seconds
Battery Life 1,000 tests
Memory Up to 300 records with date and time
Automatic Shutoff 2 minutes after last action or 5 sec after strip removal
Meter Size 85 x 54 x 20.5 mm
Display Size 35 mm x 32.5 mm
Operating Temperature 41-113˚F (5-45 ˚C)
Operating Relative Humidity 10-90% (non-condensing)
Hematocrit Range 30 – 55%
Alternate Site Testing Fingertip, forearm, or palm


On Call Plus Blood Glucometer

This brand of glucose meter offers all the key features. The glucometer is easy to use, portable, and produces an accurate result in a few seconds.  There are 3 different types of On Call Glucometers; they include On Call Plus, On Call Vivid, On Call Express, and On Call Vivid Pal. The On Call Glucometer available in Kenya here at Medistus Limited is the On Call Plus glucometer.

The various models of On Call glucometers are very similar apart from a few differences such as size (dimensions), blood sample quantity required for testing, display size, hematocrit range and storage memory.

On Call Plus Glucometer Features and Prices in Kenya

The On Call glucometer is designed to be portable, it can fit into your pocket. It is also lightweight and thus can be carried easily and so that one can check his or her blood glucose anywhere you are.

This glucometer operates on a coin cell battery that can last for several days or months, so you don’t need to worry about charging it if you are in a place without electricity or when traveling.

On Call Plus Glucometer is simple and easy to use and produces a quick result in about 10 seconds.

The included On Call Plus blood Glucose Meter user Manual outlines the detail of each feature of the device.

If you are wondering how much is a glucometer?  The On Call Plus glucometer prices in Kenya range from Ksh. 2499 only. You can order yours here at Medistus Limited which is based in Nairobi.

glucometer prices in Kenya

Blood Glucose and Why It Should Be Monitored

Glucose is categorized as a simple sugar that is derived from carbohydrates. Blood glucose or blood sugar provides the body with the energy needed for physical and mental activities.

It is not only important to have sufficient energy from blood glucose but also crucial to ensure that a healthy level of blood glucose is maintained to avoid an abnormal level of blood glucose and ketones in the blood.  A high level can result in serious health consequences.

This means it is important to monitor blood sugar levels regularly especially for people with diabetes. On Call Plus Glucometer helps one to observe the blood sugar level trend and compare it with how daily activities affect the sugar level.

Importance of Having a Glucometer

One needs to have their own personal glucometer,  to avoid sharing a lancing device and the device with other people. This is to reduce the risks of spreading on contacting disease or illnesses such as HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

A household glucose meter, also known as a glucometer, is one of the key tools you can use to test in the comfort of your house and keep track of your blood glucose level.

If you are a diabetic patient on insulin, and if you have difficulty keeping your blood glucose level under control, if you are pregnant, if you have issues with ketone levels or if you have low blood glucose level, then you must monitor your blood glucose level a few times daily.

This is to help you to manage unhealthy blood sugar levels (i.e. very high or very low blood sugar level) and high ketone build-up that can result in serious health consequence and medical emergencies.

How A Glucometer Works

Current glucometers like the On Call Plus use test strips containing glucose oxidase, an enzyme that reacts to glucose in the blood droplet, and an interface to an electrode inside the meter.  When the strip is inserted into the meter, the flux of the glucose reaction generates an electrical signal.

The glucometer is calibrated so the number appearing in its digital readout corresponds to the strength of the electrical current: The more glucose in the sample, the higher the number.

Periodic tests via glucose monitoring system plays an important part in the diabetic’s treatment plan, but current models fall short in giving a true picture of glucose fluctuations in real time. The complications of diabetes stem from the blood sugar going outside the safe range.

Catching those times and intervening appropriately can, in theory, lessen the negative effects of the disease, which can include heart disease, blindness, limb amputation, and kidney failure.

Advantages of On Call Plus Glucometer

  • Comes with a 5 year warranty in case the product is faulty or fails to work for any reason other than abuse, the meter can be replaced with a new one.
  • The meters’ starter pack comes with some test strips

Disadvantages of On Call Glucometer

  • The warranty does not cover the batteries

People Who Should Use a Glucometer

Someone who has type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA), or were diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy. A major part of your treatment plan should be regularly testing your blood glucose levels with a glucometer.

Using a Glucometer Regularly Helps with:

  • Checking how controlled the blood sugar is and whether it is high or low
  • Recognize patterns when one is more likely to have a spike or crash in glucose
  • See how your glucose levels respond after exercise or in times of stress
  • Monitor the effects of diabetes medications and other therapies
  • Assess how well you’re meeting specific treatment goals

Final Remarks

A glucometer is a very crucial device especially for anyone facing such conditions as diabetes. It is very important to monitor blood sugar levels. On Call Plus Glucometers is one of the best glucose monitoring system.

The On Call Plus Glucometer price in Kenya is Ksh. 2499, you can order yours here at Medistus Limited or by calling/texting +254 728 479 055. On Call Plus Glucometer strips are also available.


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