Laryngoscopes are designed for visualization of the vocal cords and for placement of the ETT into the trachea under direct vision.

Product Features and Specifications

▪ Stainless steel fabrication with satin, non-glare finish
▪ 2.5V halogen illumination for true tissue color and long-lasting lamp performance.
▪ Fiber optic light transmission provides cool, obstruction-free viewing
▪ Color-coded green to signify compatibility with other fiber optic handles


Laryngoscope Set

A laryngoscope is very useful device when it comes to looking into the throat and larynx, or voice box of any patient. The procedure is referred to as laryngoscopy.

Any Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist or otolaryngologists ought to have a laryngoscope to perform laryngoscopies when necessary. There are two main types of laryngoscopy which are:

  • indirect laryngoscopy – The ENT doctor makes use of a small mirror and a light to examine the larynx and vocal cords.
  • direct flexible laryngoscopy or direct rigid laryngoscopy: The ENT doctor looks into the throat directly without using mirrors.

Features of Laryngoscope Set and Price in Kenya

  • Blades Material: Non-Magnet Stainless Steel
  • Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
  • Handle Material: Chrome plated Brass Handle
  • Sharp Edged: No
  • Lubricate: No
  • Sharp Edged: No
  • Polished: Yes
  • Tests Performed: Performance Test, Shape Test
  • Usage: Left Hand or Right Hand
  • Packing: Individually Packed
  • QC Passed: Yes
  • Uses of a Laryngoscope

Laryngoscope Price in Kenya

The laryngoscope set price in Kenya is Ksh 16, 250. You can order Laryngoscopes here at Medistus Limited or call +254 728 479 055.

Advantages of a MacIntosh Laryngoscope Set

  • Superfine WorkmanshipLaryngoscope price in Kenya
  • High quality
  • Ultimate Precision Quality Blades
  • Made entirely from metal
  • Blades and handles made of stainless steel
  • Spatula is made of full metal
  • Very good landing area
  •  LED Lamp is always cool
  • Low blade heel
  • The surface finish is very superior
  • Does not cause Heat-Related Injuries to Patients
  • The blade tip is correctly formed and smooth
  • Very Strong
  • The ball bearings are triple sprung
  • Special Profile Macintosh Blades Facilitates Patient and User Comfort
  • Rigid & Reliable Product Performance
  • All Blades fits onto other compatible Laryngoscope Systems
  • This Laryngoscope set comprises of 4 fiber optic blades No. 1 (70mm), 2 (90mm), 3 (108mm), 4 (133mm) and a fiberoptic compatible handle

Uses of a Laryngoscope

A laryngoscope is usually used to check what is causing a cough that has lasted for long time. It is also used to check what is causing throat pain, hoarseness, ear pain, constant bad breath, swallowing problems, or any voice problems.

This device is also use to examine inflammations especially those associated with swelling and irritation. A laryngoscope is also used to check for the possibility of a blockage or narrowing of the throat.

Laryngoscopy is also used to remove foreign objects from the throat e.g. toys that have been swallowed by mistake. It is also used to obtain a sample of a tissue or mass in the throat or even the vocal cords.

You can order a laryngoscope set here at Medistus Limited (Leading medical equipment supplier based in Nairobi, Kenya) by calling or sending a message to +254 728 479 055.



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