Infrared thermometer

Features and Specifications of Infrared thermometer

Model Infrared Thermometer
Memory 32 memories
Batteries R06 batteries (AA)
Length 3 to 5 cm
Sound Alarm That indicates the temperature quickly
 Measurement Techniques Body, surface, and ambient
Fahrenheit scale allows the user to specify both or neither of the limits in a ‘to – fro’ range
Temperature display A display graduated in Celsius units


Infrared Thermometer

An infrared (IR) thermometer is effective for temperature measurement without physically touching the body or objects. Thus, this is very crucial for monitoring people’s temperature in public and private places, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Are you seeking to measure temperature on a risky, fragile or dangerous surface that requires no contact? Perhaps it is time to consider an infrared thermometer. It is designed with a lens to focus infrared energy on the detector that transforms the signal to an electric signal which is indicated in units of temperature on the display.

An infrared thermometer is designed with a black body radiation concept. For any object with a temperature above absolute zero and has moving molecules an infrared thermometer can be used. It allows you to test temperature without the risk of getting burned by a motor or air blowing.

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An infrared thermometer is effective for industrial uses and domestic applications. However, it is not entirely effective for measuring human body temperature since it has a nuclear tolerance of ± 2°C/3.5°F and might not yield accurate results.

How to Use an Infrared Thermometer

Ensure the infrared thermometer is clean and dry- before undertaking temperature measurement see to it that the device is free from dirt, dust, frost, smoke, and moisture to yield accurate results.

Clean the thermometer with a cotton swab or lithe cloth. Also, add medical alcohol for cleaning but avoid chemicals and soaps during cleaning.

To turn on an infrared thermometer press the trigger on its handle. Then, adjust the settings to achieve optimal measuring based on your needs.

Check if the infrared thermometer is switching the temperature unit. If it does, you will have to press to change the temperature unit being displayed on the screen

Keep infrared thermometer close to the object- remember the closer the user is the smaller the measurable surface area thus a high possibility to give accurate results

To yield accurate readings give the thermometer some time to come to temperatures of the surrounding

Press the trigger to check the temperature on the thermometer screen- aiming at the target and then pull the trigger for the readings displayed on the screen within seconds.

Uses of an Infrared Thermometer

One of the main uses of the infrared thermometer is testing human body temperature without physical contact. An Infrared Thermometer is also known as a non contact thermometer. Just placing the thermometer close to the forehead the value of energy ejected at that point is measured and converted to temperature measuring units.

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Other uses of an infrared thermometer include:

  • Monitoring and establishing leaks in enclosed vessels
  • Inspecting and measuring bearing temperature in large motors or other rotating objects
  • Identifying overload in circuit breakers
  • Monitoring and identifying problems in electric switch gears

Unquestionably, it is one of the best non-contact infrared thermometers in Nairobi Kenya. With a variety of powerful features, an infrared thermometer is an ideal device for temperature measurement without contact.

Currently, in the efforts to combat coronavirus pandemic an infrared thermometer can be applied to scan a large number of people for hotels, supermarkets, and performance halls. Contact Medistus Kenya to get the best-infrared thermometer prices in Kenya and avoid the hassle of fake dysfunctional thermometers


  • Allows the user to take measurements of objects and hot surfaces that cannot be touched to avoid contamination
  • Designed in a compact size for easy portability
  • Beneficial in situations where it is not possible to test temperature through the conduction techniques such as manufacturing where very high temperatures are involved.
  • Measurement of temperature without physical contact is an added advantage, especially with the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.
  • An infrared thermometer allows the user to monitor temperature for moving objects that might be inaccessible.


  • It cannot test the temperature of liquids and gas
  • In some situations, it might yield accurate readings- the results might be affected by factors such as surface temperature which might differ from the external temperature

Infrared Thermometer Price in Kenya

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An infrared thermometer price in Kenya

An infrared thermometer price in Kenya is currently at Ksh. 2,500.

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