Flowmeter with Direct Probe-RTM3


  • Gases: O2, AIR médical, CO2, Carbogen
  • Inlet Pressure: 450 kPa ±50 kPa
  • Flowrates
    • O2 and medical AIR: 1.5 l/min (paediatric), 5 l/min, 15 l/min, 30 l/min
    • CO2: 12 l/min
    • Carbogen: 15 l/min
  • Inlet Fitting: Gas specific sleeve indexed handwheel
    as per AS2896/ AS2902
  • Outlet Fitting: 1/4” BSP with colour coded plastic wingnut/barbed nipple
  • Accuracy: as per AS3840.1 #2
  • Configuration: Single
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Materials:
    Body: Chrome plated brass
    Shroud: Polycarbonate
    Flow tube: Polycarbonate
    Knobs: Nylon
    Wingnut/Nipple: Nylon
    Seals: Nitrile
  • Standards: DISS (American standard), AFNOR (French standard), BS (British standard), DIN (German standard), US OHMEDA (American standard), UNI (Italian standard), Czech standard, NORDIC (Scandinavian standard), CARBUROS METALICOS (Spanish standard), SANS/SABS (South African standard) and Korean/Japanese standard. Contact us for other standard.
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RTM3 Medical Gas Flowmeter

The RTM3 flowmeter has a floating ball and is used to  measure and adjust the flow of a gas that is to be delivered to a patient through their respiratory tract.

The RTM3 ought be connected to a pressured gas source on the wall either using a direct probe (included) or a rail mounting system. It should be fitted at its outlet either with a humidifier/nebulizer or with an outlet tubing nipple.

How RTM3 Flowmeters Work

The RTM3 flowmeters are pressure compensated and thus deliver an accurate prescribed flow of gas to a patient from a regulated pressure gas source. They are suitable for most types of respiratory therapy (RRT). They are available for use with oxygen, air, carbon dioxide and carbogen, air/oxy mixture, and in a range of different flow

All models, except the 1.5 l/min model, have a flush flow feature that allows a flow of approximately 50 l/min when the flow control spindle is wound completely open, (the 1.5 l/min model maximum flow is limited to 6 l/min). All models can be fitted with an optional maximum flow limiting orifice by adding the suffix R after the part number.

This orifice will limit the maximum flow from a 5 l/min model to a maximum of 10 l/min, from a 15 l/min model to 22 l/min and from a 30 l/min to 40 l/min.

RTM3 Flowmeter Price in Kenya

The price of RTM3 flowmeter in Kenya is Ksh. 12,500. You can order flowmeters here at Medistus Limited based in Nairobi Kenya by calling or sending a message to +254 728 479 055.

Why Chose an RTM3 Flowmeter with Probe

This Flowmeter has a compensated pressure ensuring a perfect flow rate, stability, and accuracy. The scale works under the set pressure than the one of the network and is not sensitive to back-pressure.

It has an expanded scale which provides a higher reading accuracy for lower flowrates for 5 l/min and 15 l/min versions.

The type of “cartridge” knob is extremely reliable, easy-to-clean and ensures an optimized adjustment. Perfect tightness of the knob thanks to its polyamide seat. The closing of the knob is guaranteed for 5 years by the manufacturer without any leakage.

Its monoblock scale cover is made of polyamide for improved sturdiness and a better shock-resistance. The patient does not have an access to the scale.

A metallic sieve located at the inlet of the flowmeter protects the device against impurities of the gas network and thus ensures the protection of the patient. Its filter porosity is 35 microns.

The body made of nickel-plated brass.

Each flowmeter has a unit serial number engraved on the body for identification and traceability.

Advantages of RTM3 Flowmeters

  • Gas colour coded components
  • Gas specific inlet connection
  • Incorporates durable impact resistant polycarbonate outer
    and flowtubes
  • Flowtube design provides clear readability with large bold
    print lines and numbering providing 180º visibility
  • Sintered inlet filter
  • Optional maxim
  • Individual serial number identification

Shortcomings of RTM3 Flowmeters

  • Requires technical knowhow install and operate

Applications of RTM3 Medical Flowmeters

  • General oxygen therapy
  • General respiratory care
  • Paediatric oxygen therapy

The RTM3 flowmeter is available for variable Air/Oxygen mixtures to suit the outlets of Air/Oxy Gas Blenders. These
flowmeters have a handwheel connection specifically for this gas mix application *. In addition to the flowmeters we also have available the outlet adaptors for existing Air/Oxy Blenders to enable the connection of the flowmeters with the correct AS fitting for Air/Oxy mix.

The above are the main features of this medical flow meter. You can buy this product here at Medistus Limited.


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