l 12.1′  high resolution digital TFT LCD Display

l Maternal and fetal care, meaning; the mother and the fetus are monitored in every possible way

l Use multi-chip waterproof probe to capture fetal cardiac signals more accurately

l Highly sensitive contraction pressure probe monitors the mother’s contractions in real time

l With twin measurement function, the heart sounds of different fetuses can be accurately distinguished by switching fetal heart sounds to avoid interference

l With CTG viewing, playback and fast printing functions

l Standard FISHCHER scoring module, more intuitive understanding of the health of the fetus

l With timing printing, segment printing function, the time period can be freely selected

l The F6000 obstetric central monitoring system can be used to freely combine and network to realize the construction of hospital information management   

Measurement parameters: FHR, FM, TOCO, NIBP, SPO2, PR, ECG, TEMP, RESP


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