Column Air Type Ripple Mattress

Ripple Mattresses also known as air mattresses are at the top of the pressure relief range. They work by inflating a section of the cells inside the mattress at different intervals so as to alternate the pressure on ones body.

Brief introduction of  air mattress


1. It is used for double crank bed,


2.it is made from 20mm high density coir fibre and 60mm high density sponge.


3. In summer, the coir fibre make cool. And in winter, the sponge make warm.


4. Dimensions: 1950*900*80mm or on your demands.


Cost of Ripple Mattress in Kenya

The price of this type of ripple mattress in Kenya is about Ksh. 25000.

Read more information about ripple mattresses here (including how they work).


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