Table-centrifugal machine is designed for scientific research, the centrifuge has become a popular tool in schools, universities and even home kitchens.

It has a maximum capacity of 6 x 20ml and a maximum speed of 4000rpm, making it a great choice for low volume sample separation.
Intended as a worktop centrifuge, it’s compact and quiet enough to install in an office or classroom as well as in laboratories and medical settings. The speed dial ranges from 0-4000rpm and it has a 0 to 60 minute timer.

Large capacity, Light weight
Economic LAB Centrifuge, easy and fast
Small cubage and quiet
laboratory , science and producing department for biology, medical and chemistry etc.
The lower-speed centrifugal machine with the maximum speed 4000r/min, mainly be used for the appraisal of radioactivity immunity and separation of cell or particle.

Power Supply: AC110V / 60Hz
Speed: ≥3000r/min, ≤4000r/min±10%
Maximum Speed: 4000r/min±10%
Adjustable Speed control from 0-4000RPM
Time Range: 0-60min or always on (Mechanical Time)
Capacity: 20ml × 6pcs (total six tube)
Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force:1435*g


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