Axillary Crutches

Axillary crutches, also known as underarm crutches, are used to support a patient when one leg is almost entirely non-weight bearing. These crutches are commonly used for short-term purposes for example when the patient is recovering from injuries or is weak after surgery.

Specifications of Axillary Crutches

  • Built to meet the needs of the value-conscious user
  • Can support a weight of up to 113 kg
  • Comes in 3 fits – Tall, adult and youth fits
  • Tall fits patient height 5’10”-6’6″ (178-198 cm); adjustable range 52″-60.5″ (132-154 cm)
  • Adult fits patient height 5’1″-5’9″ (155-175 cm); adjustable range 44.5″-52.5″ (113-133 cm)
  • Youth fits patient height 4’6″-5’2″ (137-157 cm); adjustable range 36.5″-44.5″ (93-113 cm).


Axillary Armpit Crutches

This is the most popular and well-known type of crutch that is used by the general public. Axillary crutches, or underarm crutches, are used to support a patient when one leg is almost entirely non-weight bearing.

Axillary crutches crutches are height adjustable. Before using them, however, it is important to adjust the crutches to the appropriate height to prevent nerve damage and provide proper support. In order to ensure accurate adjustments, follow these simple steps:

  • Weight Capacity: Select a pair of crutches that are appropriate for the weight of the patient. Most crutches provide a weight capacity of 175 to 650 pounds.
  • Crutch Height: The overall crutch height is correct when the top of the crutch is two to three inches below the armpit. When standing straight, the crutch cushion should not be touching the armpit.
  • Hand Grip Height: The handgrip can also be adjusted for proper usage. The ideal handgrip height is at the height of the crease of the wrist when the arms are at one’s side, with a natural bend at the elbow.

Axillary crutches price in Kenya

The price of axillary armpit crutches in Kenya is Ksh. 2200. It comes as a pair. You can order here at Medistus Limited.


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